Main Features

Support multiple versions of Flink
You can run different versions of Flink in one Zeppelin instance
Support multiple versions of Scala
You can run different scala versions of Flink in on Zeppelin instance
Support multiple languages
Scala, Python, SQL are supported, besides that you can also collaborate across languages, e.g. you can write Scala UDF and use it in PyFlink
Support multiple execution mode
  • Local
  • Remote
  • Yarn
  • Yarn-application
  • K8s-application (under development)
Support Hive
Hive catalog is supported
Interactive Development
Interactive development experience increase your productivity
Interactive Streaming Visualization
Visualizing streaming data can help debug and build streaming dashboard
Enhancement on Flink SQL
  • Support both streaming sql and batch sql in one notebook
  • Support sql comment (single line/multiple line)
  • Support advanced configuration (jobName, parallelism)
  • Support multiple insert statement
Rest API Support
You can not only submit Flink job via Zeppelin notebook's UI, but also can do that via its rest api (You can use Zeppelin as Flink job server).
Multiple user can work in one Zeppelin instance without affecting each other.


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