Interpreter binding mode

Interpreter binding mode means the relationship between note and interpreter process. In the chapter of Zeppelin architecture, we learned that one Zeppelin instance can launch several flink interpreters. So in which interpreter process does your job run, it depends on the interpreter binding mode.
Here we would talk about 3 interpreter binding modes.
  • Shared Mode
  • Isolated Per User Mode
  • Isolated Per Note Mode

Shared Mode

Shared mode is the default mode, which means all the notes / all the users share the same flink interpreter. So that means all the flink jobs will be submitted to the same flink cluster.

Isolated Per User

Isolated per user means every user has its own flink interpreter. ( This only works when you enable shiro in Zeppelin)
Isolated Per Note means each note has its own flink Interpreter. That means each note is isolated. This is usually the recommended approach.


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