Configure Flink Interpreter

There're 2 approaches to configure flink interpreter
  • Global setting in interpreter page
  • Note level setting

Global Setting

The setting in interpreter page is global, any change in interpreter page would affect all the notes. So it is suitable to configure global setting such as FLINK_HOME,HADOOP_CONF_DIR, HIVE_CONF_DIR, zeppelin.pyflink.python

Note Level Setting

Note level setting only works when the interpreter binding mode is isolated per note. Usually you put the note level setting in the first paragraph via %flink.conf
It is suitable to customize flink interpreter via note level setting such as flink.execution.packages, flink.udf.jars, flink.yarn.appName. Note level setting takes precedence over the global setting in interpreter page. e.g. You can set FLINK_HOME in %flink.conf to override that in interpreter setting page. Here's one simple example.


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