Setup Zeppelin
How to setup and get started Zeppelin


$ bin/ start
Then open http://localhost:8080, you can see the Zeppelin home page as following


There're 2 places you can make configurations on Zeppelin.
Here I will talk about 2 typical configurations
    Change zeppelin server address
      By default, zeppelin server address is, that means you can only access it in local machine. If you want to access it from a remote machine, you need to configure zeppelin.server.addr to be and configure zeppelin.server.port to be another value if 8080 is used by other processes.
    Change zeppelin memory setting. By default zeppelin server and interpreter process both use 1g memory. But you can adjust them via
      Set ZEPPELIN_MEM in for the zeppelin server memory
      Set ZEPPELIN_INTP_MEM in for the interpreter process memory
After the configuration changes, you need to invoke the following command to restart Zeppelin to make these configurations take effect.
$ bin/ restart

Try Zeppelin via docker

Take a look at the following Zeppelin official site for how to try Zeppelin via docker

Video Tutorial


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